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Contact support

Before sending in a support request please read the notes below:

  • we moved to a new platform in February 2020, you will need to register again even if you have registered on the old platform
  • if you have never logged in but registered and your account is showing as 'suspended' check your email (including your junk/spam folder) for a verification email
  • if you have forgot your password try and reset your password online, if that doesn't work and your account is showing as 'suspended' get in touch using the form below and we will unlock your account
  • if when trying to register your get asked to use a 'unique email address' this means you have already registered, try sending yourself a password reset
  • use Chrome or Edge for the best experience¬†
  • if you have any other issues please get in touch

If once registered, you are having trouble logging into OneFinance complete the form below for support.